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Caroline and Cecil Burleigh letters, undated

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want to say in this connection, but my heart is too full, & my eyes are blinded with tears, & I also know, that all that I can say, & do, is of no avail, I can only leave you in the hands of God. Monday morn - When I left writing yesterday my head ached considerable, but I was in hopes that if I kept still I should'nt [sic] be too sick to finish this when I got baby to sleep in the evening, but just at dark Uncle Orrin, Aunt Betsey, & Elam came, & staid a while, I tried to talk to them, & by the time they got away I was too sick to hold up my head, & I don't feel very well to day, in fact I have'nt [sic] for a week, I have the headache most of the time, in less than a week, I have had two spells of very severe sick headache, & vomiting. I dont think I am going to be sick. I guess I have taken cold, which has set neuralgia to work some, I feel pretty lame & old. I have allways [sic] intended to ask you, but never could think of it before, if you want me to have you informed if we should any of us be sick, or whether (as you probably would'nt [sic] come to us,) you would rather not have it to worry about? people feel differently about such things. I want to know just how you are, & should feel hurt if any one tried to deceive me about it, & if any thing should happen to you & I could get there to be of the least use, or comfort to you, I want you to have it arranged so that word can be got to me, as quick as possible, & I shall come to you, if it takes all the worry I can raise. Elford Dickerman says he will go on with any one that will pay his travelling expenses he will look out for his own living, Uncle Orrin says if I should want to go, there could be a way found to have me go safe with someone, without paying their expenses, but I hope it would [not] have to be so. I hope you will come to me, instead of my going to you. I hope you wont all come home looking as hard as Mr.[illegible] he is a hard looking customer, & your watch looks as if it had been through all the wars that ever have been fought. the