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Caroline and Cecil Burleigh letters, undated

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heard from homes left desolate all over the country, Oh the horrors of war, we here in peacefull [sic] homes cant begin to realize them. I do hope that there has'nt [sic] got to be much more blood shed. I think they had better have been on both sides, a little less "stuborn [stubborn] & willfull [sic]". Just give up wearing your flannel drawers if you should be where it is warm, for they are for your health. I gave Aunt Laura one of your pictures the other day, & she gave me one of [Sumners?] for you it is a good one of him I think. Louise is pretty well, yesterday morning when she woke up she set up in bed, & called you, she says "come Papa come set babys lap, Ill [I'll] tot [talk?] come Papa now mind". I try to take her out as far as the barn at least, every day to have her take the air. if you could see how happy she is when she gets out there, it makes the tears come in my eyes, when I see her running around the barn, for I think how much comfort you would take with her there. last week when the canal was frozen over, I drawed her on the ice, on the childrens sled. she enjoyed it very much, but I expect it helped to make me lame. She has got so she can say part of "Mary had a little Lamb", in her way, she says "Mamy tod littie nam" It peece tite as now", but the fun of it is, Io see the motions with which she acts it off. You say, that what I say of her, makes you homesick, perhaps you had rather I would'ent [sic] mention these things she says. I have done it because I thought you would be interested in every thing about her, however foolish they may appear to others. We had the pig butchered Friday he weighed 252 lbs. Aunt Sarah had hers killed the same time that has'nt [sic] done any thing it would'nt [sic] eat; it only weighed about half as much as ours. I must close this for it is time to send to the office, baby has just got an old shawl around her, & says "good bye, I go post office get Papa's letter". dear child I wish her little heart might never have any more sorrow than now. I hope my anxiety as to your situation & prospects may be relieved soon. Good bye for this time God bless & keep you my dear husband & bring you safe back to me. Mother sends love & good wishes & accept much love & many kisses from your devoted wife Carrie A. Burleigh [vertically at top] P S I am not ashamed of your writing or your envelopes. I find I have'nt [sic] but one extra Postage stamp, that I have put on an envelope & sent along C