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Caroline and Cecil Burleigh letters, undated

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[NOTE: out of order - go to next image for first page] saying that they had orders to be ready to march on the 17th but the marching orders had been delayed untill [sic] Monday the 19th. I have'nt [sic] seen the todays paper you know I dont have it untill [sic] the second day but in the yesterdays paper there was nothing important from Bernside [Burnside] only that he was making preparations for something, (not to slaughter so men men as he did before I hope). I could nt [sic] find any thing particularly from the portion of the army you are [in] The different grand divisions were classified with their leaders, I saw that Sigel [sic] has command of the whole of the grand reserve, & that Slocum commands the 12th army corps, under him. I have thought of severel [sic] things in the course of the day that I wanted to say to you, but this terrible storm drives every thing from my mind. only the probibility [sic] that you may be suffering from the cold. It is dreadfull [sic] how the poor soldiers have to suffer. Mrs Butlers brother Serg't Fowler was buried in New Haven Monday his remains were carried into College St church, which (I hear) was filled to overflowing It seems that both legs were shot off, & he had to be moved around so much before they could be attended to, that he lost so much blood, it caused his death, if his wounds could have been (or had been) properly attended to, his life might have been spared. [vertically at top of first page] [several words missing] in thinking that if [illegible] Orrins business was so he could leave it & if any thing should happen to you he would leave immediately & go to you, it would be a great relief to me. he would be such a good hand. he is very kind to any one in trouble, & would over come more difficulties than most people in gaining access to you. God in mercy spare you from such suffering as many have gone through with. If you are on the march I suppose I have no reason to expect to hear from you but I am anxiously watching the mail every day If you should have to go into battle, & this should reach you before do my husband pay heed to what I have told you, heretofore, & be reconciled to your Maker. Oh how dreadfully it storms. God have mercy on the suffering every where. Mother sends love & I must bid you [good] night hoping soon to hear that you are well accept many kisses from your Carrie.