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Caroline and Cecil Burleigh letters, undated

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[INCOMPLETE] Ed about her, but Aunt Laura said they should'nt [sic] tell her. I hope they went, it is a foolish little affair any way. Aunt Laura said that they did'nt [sic] send Mark any liquor of any kind. & he wrote that he did'nt [sic] wish them to. she said that they sent him some bottles of Mrs Addisons medicine. I told her that I sent you a bottle of wine, that Uncle Orrin gave me to send you; she said she should as soon send any liquor, as wine. she did'nt [sic] see any difference, & she should'ent [sic] have sent Mark any. if she had have had, a gallon given her to send. they did'nt [sic] wish to disobey the rules as to importing liquor into camp. she said she was very sorry it happened, because it would make hard feelings between you & Mark. she said Mark allways [sic] thought a great deal of you, & as you were both away from home, she wanted you to feel friendly I told her I guessed it would all blow over. she thought you would never forget it & that there must have been something said to effect of what Mark wrote (in a joking way perhaps) for he would'ent [sic] have [illegible] out of whole cloth. I told her if there was any one to blame, about it, it was [missing-illegible] I suppose I should'nt [sic] [missing-illegible] thing about it & that it might seem missing-illegible] most any one quite natural that I should. I am not telling you [all?] this to make [missing-illegible] more words about [illegible] only just to have you see how she felt about it.