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Harris, James : Commonwealth Cause, Richmond City

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where Jim Harris came out of. Prisoner Jim Harris occupied a room in Mrs Fryfogle's kitchen and witness went in and found him absent this satisfied witness positively that the negro was Jim Harris. The property that witness found turned out to belong to Mr. Holladay, and was stolen from his dwelling the night of the burglary this occured about three oclock in the night. The stone jar produced in Court has been identified by Mrs Holliday as her property was found at Jane Wright's house which is in the immediate neighborhood of Fryfogle, and frequented by the Harris's. They are negroes of bad character.

William S. Jinkins sworn deposed that a few mornings prior to the robbery of Mr. Holliday witness together with Officers Seal and Griffin watched the prisoner Jim Harris who was very suspicious in the neighborhood of Fryfogle's On the night of the robbery of Mr Holliday's house witness was out after thieves and heard from officer Seal that he suspected Jim Harris of stealing Hollady's goods - Witness went in search of him and arrested him and he said that the plan for robbing of Hollidays house was made by Henry Wingo and Henry King & others that he had loaned his coat out to a man named Jno Logan to go to a party. Witness then informed witness that his coat was at the cage - Witness and Officer Seal went to Mrs Hollidays and gained all the information that he could about the robbery and assisted in recovering the goods, which are here produced in Court and identified as Mr Hollidays property