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Robinson, Henry : Commonwealth Cause, Richmond City

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Edward Vickers sworn deposed that he purchased the negro woman Emeline about four months ago and the prisoner was in the habit of visiting her and one night witness heard the prisoner advise Emeline to leave her master. That she had too much work to do, and she ought to leave and go where she would have less to do. On the next morning Emeline escaped and ran away and has never been heard of since. The prisoner carried off the goods that were in the kitchen and they were recovered in the room of another woman that the prisoner had for a wife. Prisoner told Emeline that she ought to leave and she would have a much easier time than she was having at Mr. Vickers.

Elizabeth Vickers sworn deposed that about day break of the 2d. of Sept Emeline went off & witness waited sometime for her to come back and she had not arrived at eight o'clock, witness went into her room and found that all her things had been secretly moved away. Witness saw the Prisoner going to his work that morning in Manchester, he had left his work and come into Richmond on the very morning that Emeline had run off. Witness accused the Prisoner of aiding and advising Emeline to escape and he denied it and witness had him arrested - Prisoner had from