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Henry : Commonwealth Cause, Richmond City

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City of Richmond, to wit, To the Clerk of the Court of Hustings of said City. I, Joseph Mayo Mayor of said City, do hereby certify that I, have this day committed, Henry, a slave the property of John M. Goddin to the Jail of the said City that he may be tried by the Hustings Court of the said City for a felony by him committed in this, that heretofore, to wit, On the 11th day of February 1864, he the said slave Henry was tried and duly convicted before the Court of Hustings for the City of Richmond, held by the Alderman Thereof of feloniously, taking stealing and carrying away on the 23thd day of January 1864 five Kegs of lard of the value of seven hundred dollars of the goods and chattles of John O"Neal, and that he the said slave Henry for the said Offence whereof he was so tried and duly convicted by the said Court of Hustings was then and there duly and lawfully sentenced to receive nine and thirty lashes on his bare back to be well laid on by the Sergeant of this City at the public Whipping post, which said sentence was not and never has been reversed, but remains now in full force and effect, and all of which fully appears by the records of the said Court of Hustings = And that he the said slave Henry, after the said conviction and sentence, to wit, On the 25th day of July 1864 at the County of Henrico on the north side of James River and within one mile of the Corporation line of said City and within the Jurisdiction of this Court, did feloniously and burglariously break and enter in the night time of that day the dwelling house of Alexander R. Holliday, with intent to commit larceny therin, and did then and there feloniously and burglariously take steal and carry