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Letter, 10 August 1837, from Mary Lee Fitzhugh Custis, Alexandria County, to Mary Randolph Custis Lee, Old Point Comfort, discussing family and personal news. Contains a postscript by George Washington Parke Custis.

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young creature as Mrs Dick would call her. Sister Peter was to have spent Monday with me but we had literally a pouring rain all day. I have seen no body but Mr & Mrs G. As we were riding on a level yesterday one of the [illegible] broke. It is being hitched up to take me to Ravensworth, and the carriage is to be [illegible] here for a new piece to be put on. Daniel thinks [rest of sentence illegible]. Yesterday a note from Frances informs me that Catherine ]Taylor?] died in the carriage on her return home. I [illegible] [illegible] but could not [five words illegible] who have [rec'd?] the consolation of religion to support them. Mr. [illegible] [illegible] death too was sudden. I [illegible] awful events among their [illegible] to the hand that can feel its kindred with the stricken fellow [illegible] Oh how sweet to my soul the thought that my beloved child has placed her confidence in Him where everlasting arms will nurture her in the hours of death whether slow or sudden! Thursday Ravensworth. We came up to day my darling and found all well. Your [illegible] sent down for your letter but was disappointed. Smith thinks that the [illegible] was possibly sent up to Washington and had not come down when Charles called. Of course I greatly desire to hear how you are, and every thing which your letter was expected to contain but will not yield to any cares. If the letter has gone up to Washington as Smith thinks we shall get it because as your Father promised if a letter came there to send it up although supposing if you wrote your letter would be directed here, I did not expect to get one in that way. [Ann?] begs me to say a great deal from her to the little [illegible] at the Point and was very much distressed to [marry?] [illegible] [illegible] to her dear Robert whom she says she loves too much. I am glad Robert was of such a loving family I have no fear of an excess of love when guided by wisdom it makes the best intents of its object. Your Uncle Peter called on us yesterday he says he is getting [illegible] and Sister Peter was taken with a palpitation at the heart the day before which alarmed them all very much She had [illegible] been [relieved?] before he left her. Eleanor (your Aunt) rode up with me to day and returns tomorrow to spend some time at Tudor. There has been a [severe?] rain and Thunder storm and a perfect [illegible] through the night - How I should like to take a peep into your little room my darling. At ten oclock what should I see there? It was suggested to night when the letter boy was [illegible] [illegible] your letter that you were both asleep at the [going?] off [page] 2 of the [boat?]. Guilty or not guilty - confess you dears [illegible] if that was the truth. I hope Robert will add a P S now and then to tell me how you improve in order now he has you all to himself. I shall be disappointed in my daughter if she does not profit by example united to [illegible] It is so late I need bid you good night my love. If I have time in the morning I will add something more All my love to you both - your own mother [MLC?] While your Aunt Eleanor is performing her toilette I bid you good morning my dear. How does the bathing agree with you? Do not stay in too long, who goes with you to the bath? all these questions I shall probably find answered by [illegible] of your expected letter a bright morning, [several words illegible] night. How does [illegible] [illegible] [illegible] was relieved I have taken great care of your [several lines illegible] I have only time my Son & Daughter, to add my hopes that you are comfortably settled at the Garrison, and my prayers for your health & happiness - In haste George W P Custis