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Drew, Richard : Commonwealth Cause, Richmond City

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Hoeflicks - Witness has not a doubt of what he has stated, but witness is not willing to swear positively to any fact that he paid no more attention to than he did to that - Witness did not think that night that they were robbing Hoeflick's store - but the next morning when he heard it he at once said that he knew the robbers were Dick Drew and Jacob. The moon was unusually bright that night and witness was so near them that he dont doubt that they are the same negroes that he saw that night and the next morning -

W. A. Hoeflick sworn deposed that his father awoke him up when he left to go to the fire and after he had been gone about 20 minutes witness heard them when they broke open the house - When his father came back he found that he had been robbed. The next morning when the Officers were in the yard searching, a negro came up on a Gray horse and asked Dick Drew and Curtis if the sugar and coffee was ready for him to carray away - They said something to him and he rode off - Witness identifies the Knife produced in Court as the same that was found in the store after the robbery -