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Poll Book opened in the 5th Magisterial District of Essex County, Va. [

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List of White Voters Dunn, Sam C 40 Dunn, Edmond 41 Durham, Ambrose 42 Dunn, Thos [Thomas] H 43 Dunn, Geo [George] H 44 Davis, Horace 45 Douglass, R T 46 Dillard, Wm [William] M 47 Duff, Wm J 48 E Eubank, P C 49 F Fisher, Thomas E 50 Foreacres, Thomas 51 G Garnett, Muscoe jun [Junior] 52 Garnett, Thomas B 53 Garnett, Lewis C 54 Griffith, Jo. B 55 Gleason, John W 56 H Hundley, Jack M 57 Hundley, John T T 58 Hay, John 59 Holland, Joseph J 60 Harper, Thomas 61 Harper, James F 62 Hundley, Edwin F 63 Haynes, Wm H 64 Hodges, Jas [James] R 65 Haynes, Thos R 66 Haynes, Jas A 67