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A List of the Qualified Colored Persons Who Voted on the 22nd Day of October, 1867, in the Sixth District, in the County of Fauquier [...]

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Continued from 2nd Page Number Names K. 66 Kearnes, Spencer L. 67 Lane, William 68 [Ceage? Leage?], McCalister 69 Lucey, Robert 70 Lee, James M. 71 Monroe, George 72 Morgan, Nelson 73 Mann, Peter 74 Miles, William 75 Murcer,Joseph 76 Murray, Joseph 77 Massie, Henry 88 Morgan, Alfred 89 Markham, Jarrot 80 Massie, Wansor 81 Mason, Henry N. 82 Nelson, James 83 Nelson, Israel 84 Nelson, Jacob 85 Norvil, Jackson O. 86 Obanion, Enock 87 Obanion, M. P. 88 Pentleton, L. E. 89 Pentelon, David 90 Peice, B. 91 Pollard, Ruben 92 Preast, Jas. [James] H. R. 93 Roy, Jobe 94 Robison, Samuel 95 Ross, Watt 96 Robeson, Harrison 97 Robison, Clinton