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Mayor's Message to the Common Council, of the City of Portsmouth...June 30, 1892

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8 AUDITOR'S REPORT.-CONTINUED. NEW CEMETERY. RECEIPTS. $15,000 New Cemetery Bonds Issued $15,000.00 Total Receipts from all sources from July 1, 1891, to June 30, 1892. $216,996.50. Less Amount of Bills Payable July 1, 1891 18,000. Total $198,996.50. DISBURSEMENTS. Purchase of New Cemetery $15,000. Total Disbursements to June 30, 1892 $195,687.96. Balance on hand June 30, 1892 3,308.54. Total $198,996.50. GENERAL PAVING ACCOUNT. RECEIPTS. Amount on hand July 1, 1892 $13,469.21. Total $13,469.21. DISBURSEMENTS. Total Disbursements to June 30, 1892 $10,798.00. Balance on hand 2,671.21. Total $13,469.21. PAVING ASSESSMENT. RECEIPTS. Balance from last year $11,838.46. Receipts for year ending June 30, 1892 7,171.43. Paving Redemption Bonds Issued 14,500.00. Premium on same 145.45. Interest on Deposits 326.18. Total $33,981.52. DISBURSEMENTS. Bonds Redeemed $31,000.00 Balance on hand 2,981.52. Total $33,981.52. Statement of Liabilities and Assets of the City of Portsmouth, Virginia, June 30th, 1892: LIABILITIES. Bonded Debit $623,800.00. ASSETS. Public Buildings $80,000.00. Taxes due and unpaid $86,938.00. Paving Assessments and Interest Unpaid 71,227.00. Value of Leases 7,500.00. Interest in Norfolk County Ferries 110,417.00. Cash Balance General Account 3,308.00. Cash Balance Paving Account 2,671.00. Sinking Fund for Redemption of Paving Bonds 2,981.00. Lot Filling Account, Unpaid $2,520.00. Atlantic and Danville R.R. Stock (face value) 150,000.00. New Cemetery 15,000.00. New Jail Site 5,000.00. Total $547,562.00. Balance $76,238.00.----$623,800.00. Respectfully, GEO. A. BROOKS, City Auditor, To Hon. J. Thompson Baird, Mayor.