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Mayor's Message to the Common Council, of the City of Portsmouth...June 30, 1892

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14 so offensive, especially at low tide, have been filled up and rendered pure. The huge undertaking of filling the market house marsh is about completed, and it puts that section of the city, which has always been a source of worry to the Health Board, in a most excellent condition, but it is the duty of the committee having the work in charge to see that the surrounding lands on the west receive proper drainage, or we'll have an enemy more formidable to contend with than the one that existed. The Jail, that unsanitary horror, is soon to be removed from out midst. We would suggest that the site be donated to a board of governors for charity, to construct thereon a suitable public dispensary, where the strangers and paupers of our city could go when borne down with disease, and find that attention and nourishment so essential to recovery, and which is impossible to secure in the average boarding house, which the former, and the low hotels which the latter occupy. Very respectfully yours, CHAS. L. CULPEPPER, M.D., President. REPORT OF COMMISSIONER OF REVENUE. OFFICE OF THE COMMISSIONER OF THE REVENUE, PORTSMOUTH, VA., September 6th, 1892. Hon. J. Thompson Baird, Mayor: SIR-In obedience to your request, I have the honor to furnish herewith a comparative statement of the assessed value of real estate and personal property, with the amount of taxes and licenses assessed for the thirteen years ending 1892: