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Mayor's Message to the Common Council, of the City of Portsmouth...June 30, 1892

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16 CHIEF OF POLICE REPORT.-CONTINUED. Violation City Ordinances 99. Violation City License Tax Bill 7. Violation Sunday Law 7. Carrying Concealed Weapons 16. Tresspassing 9, Committing a Nuisances 10. Fighting 29. Lunacy 7. Contempt of Court 3. Vagrancy 16. Obscene Language 6. Peace Warrants 9. Cruelty to Animals 7. Keeping a House of Ill-Fame 5. Adultery 3. Escaped Convicts 1. Cruelty to Children 1. Total 868. CLASSIFIED AS FOLLOWS. White Males 331. White Females 8. Colored Males 410. Colored Females 110. Total 868. The Police reported 967 electric lights as not lighted. These lights have been reported monthly to the Chairman of the Council Committee on Lamps and Gas. Number of tramps furnished lodgings during the year, 35; stores found open and properly secured, 16. The general health of the Police Force has been fair, there being (but with two exceptions) very little sickness among its members. On the 31st day of March, 1892, death invaded our ranks and took from our midst Police Officer Wm. H. Dowdy. This is the first and only death that has occurred in the Police Department since my connection therewith, (January, 1886) and the records show the only one in nine years. The Forces is fully equipped and prepared to act in any emergency, and for courtesies shown, I beg leave to return my thanks to the Chairman of the Committee on Police. The Station House is in as good sanitary condition as the nature of things will permit, it being cleaned thoroughly twice each week. Very respectfully, F.T. TYNAN, Chief of Police.