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Oliver : Commonwealth Cause, Richmond City

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Rev: Charles E. Minnegerode: Sworn deposed that on the night of the 31st of January 1865, he was aroused about two o clock at night by the night police who told him that his home [house?] had been robbed. Witness got up and came down and found that his house had been entered and a large quantity of lard, bacon, flour &c stolen. When Witness came down he found the goods out in the yard, the back door of his house open and the Storeroom door open. It was always customary at night to lock the back door and a large bar put up on the inside and the storeroom door was kept locked and the key kept in Mrs. Minnegerodes key Basket. The prisoner Oliver had been living for several years upon the lot of witness sleeping the kitchen and he had access to the house and was frequently in the house. The prisoner George has been in the habit of visiting the negroes on the lot although witness had forbidden his doing so. Witness and his family were residing in the house at the time of the Burglary. The bar of the door could not have been removed by any person from the outside. Witness's house has been robbed twice before during the past month & each time a large quantity of goods were stolen. Witness loss will amount to Several thousand dollars.