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Perrin, Ann : Commonwealth Cause, Richmond City

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John D. Halsted sworn deposed that he is the owner of the negro Vina & about the 10 of January about Sundown he went home to his house and found a negro named Mary at his house in the kitchen. Witness believed that the Negro Mary and the prisoner conspired together to run off his woman Vina - Vina left and carried off a silk dress with her which she gave to Ann Perrin to assist her in leaving - The dress was found in Mrs. Perrin's possession. Witness's negro made her escape and has never been heard of since she left. Witness here identifies the dress.

Wm St: George Gunn sworn deposed that about the middle of January Childress came to him and asked him to assist in Carrying negroes off. Witness told him yes and he and witness went to Mrs. Perrins to wait for the negroes and shortly they came and knocked at the back door and Mrs. Perrin let them in and one of them gave her the spoons and the other woman gave her the silk dress and then witness and Childress and the negroes started off and went down about 2 1/2 miles from the City from where they went to the enemy. One of the negroes gave to Childress One hundred dollars and Childress gave witness $100 & Mrs Perrin gave him $100 to carry them off. Shortly after witness started again with Mrs. Gamble's negro he was caught by the Detectives - Witness heard Mrs. Perrin say that she was to receive 6 silver spoons for getting witness & Childress to carry off the negroes.