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Colored First District, Elizabeth City County

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B Berkley, Warner Ball, Wm [William] Butts, Allen Baker, John Bassett, Julius Bowden, Robt [Robert] Banador, George Bird, William Boykin, Willis Bland, Edwd [Edward] H Brewer, Edward Braxton, Burgess Bayley, Fielding Brown, Jackson Byrd, Richd [Richard] Banacan, Lewis Bacchus, Thomas Benson, Charles Batten, Lewis Banacan, Sampson Bowser, John Boseman, B. A. Brooks, Peyton Bayly, Mike Billups, David [Brulls?] C. Braxton, Wm [William] Ballad, Cornl. Bartley, John Brown, Robt [Robert] Bayly, Wm [William] Bassett, B Bunkley, Robt [Robert] Burress, Saml [Samuel] Bland, Edwd [Edward] Banks, James Butler, Benjamin Birdsong, Thomas Birdsong, David Banks, Giles Booker, Richd [Richard] Brown, James Brooks, David Brown, John Byrd, David Banks, Wm [William] Brown, Anthony Bayly, John Bonaparte, Jacob Bright, Beverly Banks, Watt Bradshaw, Willis Booker, Henry Banks, Wm [William] Bell, George Ballard, Willis Bess, Benjamin Banks, Thomas Brinell, Thomas Borkin, Moses Booker, Isaac Bayly, James Brown, Edmund Bowline, Thomas Brown, Henry Banks, Curtis Bright, John Brown, Winston Bryd, John Benjamin, James Byrd, Wyatt Blue, Lewis Briggs, Joseph Bayly, Jesse