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Poll Book for the 5th District, County of Norfolk, State of Virginia (Colored)

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36 Cross, Pleasant 37 Creckmore, Jasper 38 Corpral, Harrison D 39 Deford, Lamb 40 Deford, Jordan 41 Deford, Louis 42 Dean, Alexander 43 Dozie,r Paller E 44 Elliott, Jacob 45 Etheridge, James 46 Etheridge, David 47 Etheridge, Jno. [John] 48 Edwards, Danl. [Daniel] Etheridge, Luke. [Not Reg.] Everett, Chs [Charles] 49 Ely, Joseph 50 F Foreman, Jordan [Not Reg.] Ferribee, William 51 Fentress, Chs [Charles] 52 Fulford, Thos [Thomas] 53 Foreman, Edinburgh 54 Ferrand, Richa [Richcard] 55 Foreman, Geo. [George] 56 Foreman, Anthony 57 Foreman, Abe. 58 Ferribee, Robt. [Robert] 59 G Garry, Robt. [Robert] 60 Gordon, Mallory 61 Grisom, Wm [William] 62 Hodges, Henry 63 Graves, Calvin 64