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Poll Book of Colored Voters in the 2nd District of Roanoke Co., Va.

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P Pate, Edmund Pate, Benj [Benjamin] Preston, Eaton Pinkard, Wash Pate, Green Pate, Mat 6 Q Queman, Armstead 1 R Reed, Isaac Ritchards, David Jr Ritchardson, Samuel Ross, Stephen Rose, Wyatt Ritchards, Andrew Ritchards, David Sr Ross, Aaron Roberts, Grandville Roy, Jacob Ritchards, Sipio Randolph, Geo [George] W Rayfordy, Andy Rives, Steven Ross, Moses 15 S Skipper, Ned Shivly, William Sims, Baldwin Sims, Martin Spurlock, Nat Sims, Lewis Smith, Robert Smith, Perks Spurlock, Lewis Scott, Thomas Sims, William Spron, Ellick Simmons, Lance Smith, Mat Spurlock, Moses Shippard, W. P. Spurlock, Armstead Stratton, Charles Shooler, Hurceles [entered as Lewis] Sims, Baldwin Jr Saunders, Samuel Sims, Ruben 22