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Poll Book of Colored Voters in the 4th District of Roanoke Co., Va.

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Poll Book of Colored Voters in the 4th Dist. of Roanoke Co. Va A Anderson, Peter Anthony, Jack Anthony, Claiborne Allen, Edward Anderson, Joe Asbury, Nathan Anderson, Nelson Archer, Claiborne Anderson, Kit B Belts, Adam Burks, Wilson Booker, George Beale, Lonnden Bruce, David Burr, Preston Bentley, Granville Banks, Lewis E. Bevin, Mat Branch, Jim Branch, Marshal Banks, Charles Brown, Anthony Bruce, William Bruce, Alx [Alexander] Brown, Thos [Thomas] Banks, Jack Brooks, Simon Brooks, Peter C Collins, Benj [Benjamin] Colvin, Geo. [George] Clark, Thos [Thomas] Carr, Dennis Chambless, Wm [William] C. Calloway, Edward Crocket, George Cosby, Albert Colman, James Carter, Aldridge Carrington, Paul Crocket, John Christian, Jefferson Chambless, Henry Cary, Charles Carrington, Abraham Clator, Tom Carrington, Frank Carter, Edmon D Davis, Thomas