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Sam: Petition, Fauquier County

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Sam 's Petition Fauquier refd. to Cts. of J. reason: bill drawn CN-4

Sam a color'd [colored] man who has lived for many years at Fauquier Count House, being about to present a petition to the general assembly of the commonwealth of Virginia praying an act permitting him to remain within the commonwealth after he shall have been emancipated, we the undersigned living at the court House feel it both a duty and pleasure under these circumstances to testify to the extraordinary merit of the applicant. We have known him for a long time in the situation of principal servant in a considerable tavern at this place, in which situation he has been constantly and uniformly diligent sober accomodating faithful and honest; possessed of those qualities essential to form a valuable citizen. If he succeeds in the application which is made for him, he wishes to remain amongst us we wish it also, and it is for that reason as well as because he is a meritorious man, and therefore entitled to our good offices that we recommend him to the general assembly as one on whom might profitably be exercised that generosity which would afford a wise encouragement to others to behave as he has behaved, and by a like fidelity and honest to deserve as he deserves. Wm Horner, H R Campbell, Fieldling Sinclair, Gustavus B. Norner, Thads. Norris, with whom he has Servd in the above occupation for 12 or 15 years John Vevers, Wm Takenan, Chs Hunton, Berkley Ward, Thos O. Jennings, Aug. Jennings, Jr, John Mason, Joseph P Nashwell, Rick Baker, W. Edmonds, Jno Kemper, C. Robertson, Edwd Digger Jr., Charles Pinchard, Geo H. Payne, R. D Payne, Thos Foster Cn-5