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Children of Turner Dixon: Petition, Fauquier County

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[Page] 2 under an order of the Superior Court of Spotsylvania where a suit is pending for the settlement of the administration account. That the slaves and real estate were shortly after the death of the said Turner Dixon divided amongst his widow and children. That a large tract of land containing between thirteen and fourteen hundred acres and more than fifty slaves which have since considerably increased, were allotted to his widow as her dower. Your Petitioners further show that previous to the death of the said Turner Dixon their aforesaid Mother Maria Dixon was in a state of lunacy; in which condition she hath ever since remained. That in the opinion of those best acquainted with her and most competent to judge her recovery is entirely hopeless that shortly after the death of her husband her person and estate were committed her brother, the aforesaid Thomas Turner who hath held and managed her dower estate before mentioned. That by an arrangement between the said Thomas Turner and your Petitoner George B. Dixon, the latter will at the end of the present year be substituted as her committee in the room of the said Thomas Turner. Your Petitioners further show that although the Estate of their Father Fy-2

[Page] 3 was considerable, yet when divided amongst his numerous children, the share of each is inconsiderable and affords but a scanty subsistence; and the proffits [profits] have in many instances been insufficient to maintain and educate them in a style equal to their condition expectations and connection; that the proffits [profits] of the dowers of their Mother are greatly more than sufficient to maintain her in her present condition and it would be greatly for the benefit of the family if the land and slaves which have been allotted to her and the proffits which have accumulated could be divided amongst her children taking care to make an ample provision for her comfortable maintenance so long as she shall remain in her present condition, and securing a restoration of the entire property in the event of her recovery; an event however which from the nature and long continuance of her malady is not likely to occur. Your Petitioners therefore pray that a law of the character above-indicated may pass and will ever pray to [signed] H.T. Dixon AB Scott Mary Jane Dixon Turner Dixon Geo. B. Dixon Edward Dixon F-3