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Children of Turner Dixon: Petition, Fauquier County

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[perpendicular as label on folded document] James Smith's Affidavit Fy-22

Fauquier County to wit Whereas I have received information that Mrs. Maria Dixon is of unsound mind & there is danger her property will be wasted. These are therefore to require you to bring the said Mrs. Dixon before me for the purpose of an examination, touching the supposed in sanity. Given under my hand & seal this 19th day of Jany 1821. To the Sheriff [signed] C. Peyton {seal}

The Testimony of Mr. Henry Turner being first sworn saith that he is of opinion his Sister Mrs. Dixon is in a state of mind at this present time which unqualifyes her from being capable of transacting her own afairs with discretion and that he is clearly of opinnion she has been so for the last ten or twelve years. Testimony of Thomas Turner saith that in the year 1808, Mrs. Dixon was brought to his house by her husband & that she remained there about three months during which time her state of mind was such as to require close & constant confinement. at the expiration of that period, she was sufficiently recovered to be removed, Since then, I have thought that I have discovered symphtoms of relapse at intervals & for the last two years. I have considered her evidently of unsound mind & wholly incompetant to the management of business of any description. The Testimony of Joseph Fauntleroy being first sworn saith for a considerable time past he has considered Mrs. Mariah Dixon to be in a state of lunacy and that he believes her at this time to be entirely incapable of the management of any kind of business. The testimorny of Mrs. Cocke who states that the above affidavits are entirely correct, the foregoing affidavits of Mr. Henry Turner's, Thomas Turner, Joseph Fauntteroy's and Mrs. E Cox was this day taken before us the subscribers. Justices of the peace for the County of Fauquier after being Fy-23