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Children of Turner Dixon: Petition, Fauquier County

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1831 Mrs Maria Dixon in account with T. Turner her committee Cr: Sept 1 By balance due from her committee - Principal & Int............$1062:64 " Alice Dixon Dr. to bal: due T. Turner her guardian - Principal $1715:47 1/2 and Interest 100:08 " Charles C. Dixon Dr. to bal: due do - Principal and interest - $730:52 1/2 " Jno Dixon Dr. to bal: due do - Principal & int............................$1005:25 " Lucius Dixon Dr. to bal: due do - Principal & interest - $666:37 " Alex: Dixon Dr. to bal: due do - Principal & interest $666:93 1/2 " William Dixon Dr. to bal: due do - Principal & interest $604:42 1/2 Reports of Comr shewing above balances recorded Jany. 1832 1832 Sept Mrs Maria Dixon in account with T. Turner her committee Cr: " By balance + due from committee...............................................$6:14 + This balance has been reduced to its amount by the payment of $1957:83 1/2 on a/c property purchased by committee " Alice Dixon Dr. to bal : due T. Turner guardian..................$2178:94 3/4 " John Dixon Dr. to bal : due " Charles C Dixon Dr. to bal : due " Lucius Dixon Dr. to bal : due 3/4 " Alex : Dixon Dr. to bal : due Reports of Commt shewing above balances recorded Nov : 1832 I Alexander J Marshall Clerk of the County Court of Fauquier do hereby certify that the balances above stated appear [crossed out] to be due] by the reports of Commissioners appointed by the County Court of Fauquier to settle the several accounts above referred to, and that said reports are on record in my office. Given under my hand this 8th day of Decr. 1832 A. J. Marshall C. C.

Pursuant to an order of the worshipful Court of Fauquier County to us the undesigned Commissioners directed haring date the 22nd day of January 1821 authorising a division of the slaves of the later Turner Dixon between his Widow and Children as have preceeded to execute the said order by first allotting to the widow one third part of the slaves belonging to the said Estate and then by dividing the residue equally among the children into twelve equal parts agreeably to the subjoined statement viz To the Widow... Reuben the Waggoner, Winny and child, Sally 1, Andrew, William, Armistead, Harry the Carpenter, Tally, Wife of Harry, Minta, Charity, Moses, Rather, Kitty, Lydia, Sally & children, Sharlotte & child, Aggy, Billy, Nanny, Esther a Superanuate, Celia, Tulip, Young Moreton, Seythas, Gerrard, Dick, Jenny a Superanuate, Rose wife of Dick, Lorinda, Erelina, Asa, Levy, (Billy the Gardener), Dick (Blacksmith), John, Patty, Reuben (son of Patty, Betty and crippled child, James (Coachman), Mary, wife of James, Burton, Henry, Judy, House Mariah, Esther a superanuate, Reuben, Gerrard, Nancy & child, Lucy & Cesar, Philip & Hannah superanuates). To Henry Dixon... Isaac ( the Cooke), Jenny wife of Isaac and her children Littleton, Violette, Priscilla, and Jessee, To Mary Jane Dixon... Dick ( at Paynes), Rose, daughter of Bettey, Mary, Archy, Sally, Joe (at Paynes), Harry, Matthew and Delphia (a superanuate). To Turner Dixon... Ben, Colley, old Molly (a superanuate), Chloe wife of Ben), Sarah, Jane, Amelia, Peggy a superanuate, Frank, Winny, Alice and Joe. To George B. Dixon...Lucy, a superanuate), Peter, Betty & child, Kitty, Mimah, Luckey, Buster & Ralph (over) Fy-35