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Children of Turner Dixon: Petition, Fauquier County

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To Edward Dixon...Isaac (son of Isaac), Jener, Ampy (Carpenter), Randolf, Lucy, Mary wife to Randolph, ther child Quinney. To Alexander B Scott in right of his wife Elizabeth dec'd daughter of Turner Dixon... Joe called Waggoner Joe, Sally wife of Joe & her child, Hannah, Sally, Moreton (the Waggoner), and Maria, wife of Moreton. To William Dixon... Crawford, the Cooper, James the Miller, Winney a superanuate), Nanny, Mooney, & Moreton Jr. To Alice Dixon... Ceasar, Betty, Phillip, Matilda, Thomas, Hannah, and Mary. To John Dixon...Allick (Fanny Patty's child), Lydia, Fanny, Daniel, Washington, Nancy P, Lydia. To Charles Dixon... Anna, Philip, Polly, Barwell, Peggy, Lewis, Sally child of Peggy, and Clara. To Lucius Dixon.. Mimah, Richmond a suranuate, Louisa, Cesa Jr, Sally, William, Sam the Miller, Aggy wife of Sam and Seytha. To Alexander Dixon... Sarah, Peter, Chloe, Judy, Peter, Robbin, George and Joshua. The above Division we conceive to be nearly equal among the several Parties interested both as to the number given to each and their valueas it can be made having been in a great measure regulated by the valuation of the commissioners of appraisment and by the advice and wishes of the representatives of all the parties interested and Thomas Turner, Edm'd Brooke and Alexander B Scott who in behalf of the widow and their wards attended the division. Given under our hands 22nd Day of Febuary 1821 Fy-36

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