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Jackson, Nelson: Petition, Fauquier County

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Indians Nelson being in front of the train a short distance looked back, upon the first fire of the enemy, and saw that Mr. Guess had fallen and Mr. Blackmore was running into a thick forest, Nelson being in front of the train, laid whip to his team and succeeded in making his escape, saving his Team and a part of his waggon though pursued by the enemy a considerable distance and made his Way with great speed to the point of destination, and there succeeded in getting a small number of men to venture with him to the scene of blood and carnage (saying nothing about the destruction of property) they found Mr. Guess' body, it appeared that he was killed on the first fire of the enemy, Nelson and his little company of braves then turned into the forest and after a long search found Mr. Blackmore prostrate & bleeding, unable to rise and mortally wounded having wandered far into the forest before he fell, Nelson and his party done all they could for the wounded man, brought him into the settlement, where he languished and died in three or four weeks - Mr. Blackmore corrobororated the statements of Nelson and to the time of his death spoke in the highest praise of the great and meritorious service rendered him by this blackman Nelson Jackson

I further state that Nelson Jacksons conduct,and general deportment has been [unexceptionable?] that he is a man of honesty and industry, not addicted to drunkenness nor gaming, and that his conduct and habits may be pointed to as a salutory example for all men of his colour, whether bond or free - Nelson Jackson is 47 years old, and on account of his good conduct I concluded to set him free, not only in Justice to himself, but that his course through life and his reward may be refered to as an example for all men of his colour. - Therefore I most earnestly and respectfully join in the memorial hereto annexed, and earnestly solicit the favorable action of your honorable body in behalf of the memorialist, a part of the foregoing statement is made from my own knowledge that part in relation to Mr. Blackmore has been received and corroborated from such reliable sources, that it may not be doubted as being substantially true Cha M Gibson Nover 25th 1846 I Tovler Stenson do hereby certify that I was in Talahassee at the time mentioned in the Statement hereto annexed Stating the attack made by Indians upon the three teamsters as Stated that I frequently saw Mr. Blackmore after the attack heard his relation of the attack saw teh battle ground and was entirely familiar with all the circumstances as well as the reports that were received and accredited and have no hesitation in Stating that the relation of that unfortunate affiar is Substantially true Mr Blackmore as well as all others gave Nelson Jackson your memorialist great Credit for his conduct on that ocassion particularly for his perilous exerting in behalf of Mr. Blackmore Tolver Stenson