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Address of the House of Burgesses, 1693 Nov. 18.

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Address of the House of Burgesses 18th Nov./1693 Charges of [British pound] 52.11. agt. [against] Colo. Hill.

By the house of Burgesses. May it please your Honors. To your Honor. message concerning [the?] article of fifty two pounds eleven shillings and three pence charged to Colo.Hill with the damages & costs, we answer that we charged that sum to Colo. Hills accot [account] because we had information from Coll. Cole, that he had that sum returned in professed Exch.wch. he recd. of Colo. Hill & would deliver them or the mony to Such person as should be appointed. Since therefore Colo. Hill is not pleas'd to be answerable for them, we have reassesed the accot. & ordered the sum of sixty one pounds one shilling three pence to Mr. Blair in Coll. Coles hands, wch we doubt not will be readily complied with. Sign'd by order of the house of Burgesses Peter Beverley Cl H Burg. Novbr. 18 1693