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Deputation of Christopher Wormley, 1696 Nov. 21.

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[A purported copy; without certification, seal, or copy date. Custom House in London on 21-November-1696. Temp: 8 Wm III. Deputation as Collector & the Empowerment of Christopher Wormley with broad powers.]

To all People to whome These prsents shall Come Wee the Commissionrs for manadgeing and causeing to be Leavyed & Collected his Maties: [Majesty's] Customes Subsidies & other Dutyes In this his Kingdome of England Send Greeting Know yee That Wee the said Commissionrs Have by vertue of An Act of Parliament made in the 25th: yeare of the Raigne of King Charles ye 2d: Entituled An Act for encouragemt of the Eastland and Greenland Trades and for better Secureing the Plantation Trade And in Pursuance of the Authority & Direction to Us given by the Rt: Honoble: the Lords Commissionrs of his Maties: Treary Deputed and Impowred and Doe hereby Depute & Impower Christopher Wormely to be Collectr: of all the Rates Dutyes and Impositions Ariseing and growing due to his Maties: att Rappahanock River In the Collony of Virginia by vertue of the said Act Whereby hee hath power to enter into any Ship Bottome Boate or other Vessell As alsoe into any shop House Warehouse Hostery [hostelry] or other place Watsoever to make Diligent Search into any Trunck Chest Pack Case Trusse or any other Parcell or Package whatsoever; for any goods Wares or Merchandizes Phohibited [Prohibited] to be Imported or Exported or Whereof the Customes or other Duty's have not beene Duely paid And the same to seize to his Maties: use And alsoe to put in Execution all other the Lawfull Powers & Authority's for the better manadeing [managing] and Collectinge the s[ai]d Duty's in all things; Proceeding as the law directs Hereby Praying & requireing all & every his Maties: Officers & Ministers & all others whome it may Concerne to be aideing & assisting to him In all things as becometh Given under our hands & Seale at the Custome hous[e] London This twenty first day of Novr: in the 8th yeare of the Raign of our Sovereigne Lord King William the 3d: Anno D[omi]ni 1696 Signed ./ Robert Southwell : C Godolphin : Walter Young : Sam: Clarke  : Ben Overton