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List of Thomas Barber, 1692 Apr. 25.

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In obedience to ye Comands of ye Rt Honble Their Majties Lt Govr & [illegible torn corner] I have Published & Caused to be Publiched & Excecuted ye severall [illegible] & ordrs herein Menshoned

One ordr of ye 8th of Xbr [December] 1691 Concerning ye Malitia [militia] pticulerly Requireing ym to give Acct of Powdr Drums Collrs Trumpts Armes &c

One ordr same Date Requireing sherfs [sheriffs] to make Returne of their Due Excto of all Publick Instrumts by ye: 6th: Day of ye Next Genrll Court aftr Receipt of ym

One Ordr more same Date Concerning fort stones at Tindalls Point Mr. Robt Reade one Capt Thorp one : & by Capt Thorps Information to my [illegible text obscured] one [illegible] in Broughton prish [Church] is ye same & yt [that] Capt Page gave his Receipt for them but to whome he knows not

One ordr of ye 19th febry 1691 for ye sherifs Espeshall Care to observe both Laws Relateing to Elections of Burgises & giveing in of greivances & Returning to ye Secretaryes office by ye 6th Day of ye Genrll Court all ordrs of ye Rt Honble ye Govr & ordrs of Councill since ye first Day of Aprill : & to Aquaint Courts vestreyes Corors & Malitia Oficers thay severally give Acct of all things Injoyned ym [them] since ye first Day of Aprill & yt ye Breifs for Doneations for ye free schole [school] & Colledge [College] be Returned to ye Aforesd 6th Day of ye Genrll Court & yt Their Majties Quitrents are to be sold as ye ordr Directs : I have Alsoe made Publick ye Rt Honble ye Govrs ordr for [illegible] Exersize ye 22th of Aprill:

One ordr of ye 24th 8br [October] 1691 Concerning ye Proveing Rites for Land & Returning ym to ye Secrs office by ye 6th Day of ye Next Genrll Court or Loose [lose] ye Advantidge of ym:

One ordr of ye 27th of 8br 1691 yt noe psons [persons] psume [presume] to Enter[Entertaine] Indians without first obtaineing Licence soe to Doe

One ordr more same Date = yt Runaway Negroes whose Owners canot be Discoverd be sent to ye sherf of James Citty:

One Proclamation of ye 28th Janury 1691 Requireing [illegible] Church Wardens to Returne to ye Secrs office undr their Respective hands A pfect Abstract of ye Levyes Raysed & Levied this psent yeare in their County & pishes [parishes] & for ye Due keeping of ye Registers &c: & yt ye Justices in their Countyes take Care yt Courts be not Adjournd & Justice Delayed: & yt Justices Duely Atend ye Courts:

One ordr of ye 27th of Janury 1691: for puting in Execution ye 11th Act made ye Last seshon of Assembly for ye more Efectuall [supressing] ye severall sins of Sweareing &c::

& yt ye sherife make Returne of such psons who doe not Comply with ye Law for toleration of Liberty of Concience : ye Names of [their]