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Kinser, Peter : Public Claim

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The Governor & Executive Counsel of Virginia will please issue an order on the treasury of Virginia in favor of Lancaster & Denby for four hundred dollaras the value of Gabriel a negro man Slave, my property who was condemned to death by the Judgement of the County Court of Wythe on the 20th day of June 1829 for an attempt to commit a rape, and who has been reprieved and sold for transportation; the said Slave being valued by the Court aforesaid at the said sum of four hundred dollars, which has been certified to the executive with the record of conviction. his Peter [squiggle] Kinser mark Teste - Jos. W. W. Davis Joseph Atkins

I have given an order for the price of Gabriel in favor of Lancaster& Denby. The precise manner in which claims of this kind are paid and the nature of the voucher authorizing the payment are not pointed out by the Act of Assembly, and fortunately for us the practice is unknown here; if an Order on the Auditor of Public Accounts is necessary I do hereby require him to issue a warrant on the treasury in favor of Lancaster& Denby for four hundred dollars the price of slave condemned by the Judgment of the County Court of Wythe on the 20th June 1829 & reprieved & sold for transportation Peter Kinser Test Joseph Atkins his Mark Jos. W. Davis