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Howlett, James : Public Claim

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In Chesterfield county court December 14. 1829.

A call court having failed to attend on the day appoint for the Trial of Ellick a slave the property of James Howlett charged with having on the ninth day of November last unlawfully wilfully and maliciously assaulted and beat Francis Royall, with an intention in so doing to kill him the said Francis Royall as per warrant, the court was now opened for that purpose. — Present William Goode Senr. William Elliss, John Archer, John Lafon and Charles C. Graves} Gent. Justices The prisoner was set to the bar in custody of the Jailor and Thomas E. Burfoot esqr. assigned as his counsel, arraigned of the premises, pleaded Not guilty and for his trial put himself upon God and the court, and on hearing the evidence of sundry witnesses who were sworn and examined, and the arguments of counsel, as well for the commonwealth as the prisoner and all the circumstances of the case being considered, it is the opinion of the court as the case appears to them, that the prisoner is guilty of the offense of which he is accused: It is therefore considered by the court that as punishment therefor, the said prisoner receive on his bare back fifteen stripes well laid on at the public whipping post of this county, which the sheriff is ordered to execute immediately; — And that he be banished and transported out of the limits of the United States: and the Sheriff is ordered to convey and deliver to the Executive of this commonwealth the said prisoner, so soon after the rising of this court as convenient, to be banished and transported aforesaid: — And the court estimated the value of the said prisoner at the price of four hundred and fifty Dollars: Thomas E. Burfoot esqr. his counsel his allowed a fee of ten dollars for defending him, which is ordered to be paid by James Hewlett the owner. Copy test S. Nunnally D.C.

The Auditor of public accounts is hereby authorized and requested to issue a warrant on the Treasurer, to enable my son James C. Howlett, to draw the money to which the above mentioned slave was valued. Test James Howlett 4th. March 1830 P. Poindexter