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Sutton, Robert : Public Claim

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At a Court of Oyer and Terminer called and held for the trial of Solomon a slave in the employment of Thomas Towson and the Property of Robert Sutton this 12th day of April 1830 upon a charge of having on the night of the 4th April 1830 at the County of Stafford and within the jurisdiction of this Court feloniously Broken & entered the Store House in the Occupancy of Thomas T. Odell, and of having then & there feloniously Stolen, taken and carried away from & out of the said Store house Fifty dollars of the current [coin?] of this Commonwealth; in monies numbered, one watch of the Value of Fifty cents, Misc gold rings of the value of Ten dollars ot the monies, goods & chattels, wares & merchandize of the said Tho's. T. Odell. Present. Benj: Tolson, Wm H Fitzhugh, Jno. G. Hedgman, John Moncure and William W. Peyton.

The said Prisoner was led to the Bar in the Custody of the Sheriff, whereupon Philip Harrison, was assigned his Counsel, and thereupon he was duly arraigned as the manner is and Sundry Witnesses being examined and Counsel heard as well on behalf of the Commonwealth as the said Prisoner at the Bar. The Court is of Opinion that the said Solomon is guilty of the offence of which he stands charged, and that he be thereupon hung by the neck until he is dead - and he is thereupon remanded to Jail - And the Court fixing the time of his punishment, do Order that the Sheriff of this County between the hours of 10 A.M. & 4 P.M. on the 12th day of June next, do take the said Prisoner from the Jail of the County to the Public Gallows and do hang him by the neck until he is dead - And the court do estimate the value of the said Solomon at Four hundred & fifty dollars -

The court and the attorney for the Commonwealth unanimously concur in recommending the said Slave to the mercy