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Humphreys, Thomas : Public Claim

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Virginia To Wit Pleas before Jeremiah Strother, Ambrose P Hill, William Broadus Samuel Rixey and Francis J Thompson Gentlemen Justices of the County Court of Culpeper at the Courthouse of said county the 29th day of June 1831 and in the 55th year of the Commonwealth Be it remembered that on the 29th day of June in the year of our Lord 1831. John Shackelford Attorney for the Commonwealth in and for the county aforesaid came into court and gave the court here to understand and be informed that Willis a negro man slave the property of Thomas Humphreys and Stephen a negro man slave the property of James Willis on the night of the 2nd day of March last between the hours of eight oclock of the evening and four oclock in the morning of that night at the county of Culpeper aforesaid with force and arms at the county aforesaid the storehouse of Samuel Walker of said county did break and enter with intent him the said Samuel Walker of his goods in the same storehouse then and there being feloniously and burglariously to spoil and rob and the same Goods feloniously and burglariously to steal take and carry away and money goods and chattels wares and merchandize of the value of one hundred and twenty dollars and seventy five cents then and there being found did feloniously and burglariously take steal and carry away to wit one piece of wollen cloth of the value of ten dollars three pieces of Domestic cotton of the value of eight dollars for the whole seven pieces of callico of the value of forty dollars the whole three hats of the value of two dollars and fifty cents two pieces of Gingham of the value of eighteen dollars the whole five pieces of bleached cotton of the value of twenty dollars the whole one piece of Irish linen of the value of seven dollars and fifty cents twenty three pocket knives of the value of three dollars the whole four pair of shoes of the value of one dollar and twenty five cents each and one dollar and seventy five cents in money all in one cent pieces against the peace and dignity of the Commonwealth Where upon the prisoners were led to the bar in custody of the jailor of this court thereof arraigned upon their arraignment pleaded not guilty whereupon sundry witnesses were sworn and examined as well on behalf of the commonwealth as the prisoners at the bar and they fully heard by Martin Slaughter esquire their counsel on consideration whereof the court is of opinion that the prisoner Willis is guilty of the burglary whereof he stands charged Therefore it is considered by the court that the said prisoner Willis be hanged by the neck until he be dead and that execution of this Judgment be made and done upon him the said Willis by the Sheriff of Culpeper County on Friday the 19th day of August next between the hours of ten in the forenoon and three in the afternoon of that day at the usual place of execution and thereupon the said Willis is remanded to Jail and the Court doth value the said negro man slave Willis to five hundred dollars and the Court upon consideration of all the circumstances doth recommend the convict Willis to the Clemency of the executive to this extent that the Judgment of death be commuted by sale and transportation beyond the limits of the United States And the court acquiting the prisoner Stephen of the burglary aforesaid doth finds him guilty of a misdemeanor and doth order that he receive thereby nine lashes on his bare back at the public whiping post A Copy teste F.T. Lightfoot CC