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Chappell, Robert : Public Claim

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said County; Therefore, I require you to summon at least eight of the Justices of the peace of the said County, to form a called Court for the trial of the said Chappell at the Courthouse of the said County, on a day to be by you designated; so that it be not less than five nor more than ten days from the date hereof~And have then there their warrant~ Given under my hand and seal as a Justice of the peace for the County aforesaid, This 4th day of December 1832, in the 57th year of the Commonwealth.~ Benjn Johnson J:P: seal I have appointed friday the fourteenth of the present month for the trial of Chappell.~ Thos. Branch D.S. for Jos. Goodwyn Shff of D.C. December 4th 1832 Return~ Summoned James Scott Henry Young, William Wynn, John Goodwyn, Lewis P. Lanier, Isham E. Hargrave, James H. Boisseau Thomas G. Wynn. C. Stith D.S. Is. Goodwyn Shff.

A summary of the testimony taken up on the trial of the prisoner is in the words and figures following to wit: Ned a slave being sworn and charged said that his wagon was robbed on the highway on the [blank] day of November 1832 of sundry articles of goods taken in his wagon at Mr James' store in Petersburg. William Fenn being sworn said that he heard from James G. Young that his wagon had been robbed of sundry goods; that he found some of Mr. Young's goods about two miles from Petersburg in the woods near Ben Johnson's; that he found a portion of them in the house of a free woman, who is the wife of the prisoner, of the value of about $12. Fleming James being sworn said that he sold sundry articles of merchandize to the amount of $59.51 cts to James G. Young; witness thinks the goods stolen are the same goods which he sold him, but will not swear positively to the fact. James G. Young being sworn said that the goods stolen are the same goods which he purchased of Mr. James, that several of the pieces were cut and considerably diminished; witness asked prisoner after he was committed to jail why he took his goods and where they were, prisoner told him voluntarily that he wished him to get his goods; and that no one assisted him in taking them except Bob.