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Proceedings of the Council of State, 1692 Oct. 29.

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Att a Councill held at James Citty 8br. 24th 1692 Prest. The Rt. Honoble: the Lieut. Govr. and Councill Mr. David Darnell having formerly Complained to ye Rt. Honoble: ye Lt. Govr: & Wm: Cole Esqre Secty of the proceedings obtained against him in Stafford County Court march ye 12th 1690 by Capt. Geo: Brent attorney of Capt. Ni: Goodrich prayed a supersedeas to stop further proceedings on the ordrs. then past [passed] against him till the same should be heard some day this Genll. Court, and for want of another Councill the same could not be granted, but findeing that if what the sd Darrell alleadged were true, he was very much Injured by the aforesd. County Courts proceedings, and to the End he might not be seized & left without Remedy the Lt. Govr: issued his ordr. that noe further proceedings should issue on ye sd ordrs. till after this Genll: Court, and that the Clerke of the aforesaid Court should return an Exact State of ye County Corts proceedings, which he having done, and the same duely Considered noe Evidence appeares to Justifye the aforesd proceedings of the County Court, It is therefore ordrd that the Sherriffe of Stafford County stop all further proceedings on the aforesaid Ords. till a full hearing of the whole matter the 6th day of the next Genll Court, & that he sumons the aforesaid Capt. George Brent Attorney of the said Goodrich then to appeare and answere the same. Copa. Vera Test W Edwards Cl Con [Clerk of Council]