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Charles City County Order Book, 1694-1700, image 7

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Aprill.13.1693 Thes foll: Papers now given in evidence to the Jurors between Robt Abernathy plt and Randolph Borcherd Deft on an informace[information] of Hog stealing. Randolph Bircherd examined and freely confesseth and sayeth That some time in January last ther came to the sd Borchardes house two unmarkt piggs wch were strange piggs. And did mark them verry strange piggs of my one proper mark. Some time after all this ther came to my house Robert Abernethy. Seeing the aforsd two piggs then at my house claimed them and sayd those two piggs was his and demanded the two Piggs: wch at that time they were refused. The sd Bircherd doth further confess that after all this he made enqry whose piggs they were to Mr Thomas Wynn. But as it appeares by all circumstances the abovsd two piggs to be Abernathes. the sd Burchrd is willing either to return the abovsd two piggs or pay the worth of them. Feb: 27: 1692 Randolph R Burchared Whatever the sd Bircharhed hath heer Subscribed he confessed before me. Char: Goodrich

Joseph Patison aged about 35 years Examined & Sworn Sayth, That some time in Jany last or thereabouts Robert Abernathy came to the Deponts. house and enqured of me if I did see his two [house?] piggs he had of Char: Goodrich. I informed him that I did see them [illegible] his hoggs mening Abernathes hoggs. and they went upp the branch by my house which was towards Burcharheds house. and then the sd Abernathes two piggs were I beleeved unmarked and further sayth not. Joseph J Patison Feb: 27: 1692 Ther Sworn before me Char : Goodrich.

Mr Bland Sr I being very sick wth this new distemper wch is soe vilent uppon me that I can't goe to Cort. wch make write to you about Randolph wch did inquire of me if I new any one that wont two piges this can I swear to I did likewise hare Robert Abernathy say that if Randolph wood doe his Chimblely that it should satisfy him for his pigs this I can frely Swear if ther be acascion Josuah Wynne

Thes following Markes were brought into Cort and Ordered to be recorded Aprill 13. 1693 A swallow ffork in the Right eare. an underkeile in ye Left. John Douglas A slopeing half Cropp in the Right eare. a swallow fork & underkeile the Left. Benjamin Foster an half moon under and over the right ear a Crop & hole and half moone under the left. John Lee In each eare a Swallow fork and an over and underkeele in each ear. Edward Holway A hole and overkeel in the Right a Cropp and underkeel the left. Franc: Ledbeter A half Cropp and nick under both ears. George Hughes A Cropp in the Left and underkeil in the Right ear. John Jolly A Swallow fork and hole in each eare. William Gary A Cropp in each eare and two slitts in the right. John Danyel A swallow fork hole & underkeil in the right, over & underkeele & hole in the left. John Wall A Swalow forke & underkeele and overkeel in the Right an under Crop & hole in the left. Wm. Rany A Swallow fork in the Right and two holes in the left ear. John Fountain A Crop and slitt in the left & underkeel in the Right. John Heder A Cropp and Slitt in the right Crop & underkele in the left. Joseph Maddox

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