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Charles City County Order Book, 1694-1700, image 28

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John Blackbourn personally appears in Court the third day of Aprill 1694 And prays it may be recorded That he doth freely give unto his daughter in law Elizabeth Turbevill a three year old Cow with calf by her side to be dellivered her when she shall be of lawfull age or Marryed. And it is Ordered by the Court that it be Recorded Test. James Minge Cl Cur.

Recorded accordingly Aprill. 3. 1694 P James Minge Cl Cur.

This Indenture made the four and twentyeth day of February in the year of our Lord God 1693 and in the sixth year of the Reign of our Soveraign Lord and Lady King William and Queen Mary of England Scotland France and Ireland King and Queen defenders of the fayth &c Between Thomas Williamson (son and heyre of Cutbert Williamson decd) of Henrico County planter of the one part, And William Byrd of Westover in the County of Charles Citty Esq[ue] on the other part Wittnesseth That the sd Thomas Williamson for and in consideracon of the sum of twenty pounds sterl. to him in hand payd by the sd William Byrd they receipt wherof he doth hereby acknowledge And from the same & every part therof doth fully freely and absolutely acquitt exonerat and discharge him the sd William Byrd his heyrs Execrs and admrs by thes pnts hath granted bargaind, sold, aliened enfeffed and confirm'd; And doth heerby grant bargain sell alien enfeoff & confirm to him the sd William Byrd his heyrs and Ass forever All that tract parcell or Devidend of Land left him by his father on the North side of James River in Charles Citty County bounding on Berkly Patent on the one side and on Kemidges Creek on the other as by patent bearing date ye sixteenth day of June 1675 (granted to his father Cutbert Williamson) may ^ more at large appear reference being therunto had Conteining by esteemacon One hundred forty four acres and thirty two poles. be the same mor or less (being now in the tenure and occupacon of John Williamson) together with all woods waters underwoods houses orchards fenc'd grounds proffitts priviledges, comodities and apurtenances to the same belonging or in any wise apperteining: as alsoe all patents Deeds, Evidences Escripts or other writeings whatsoever touching or concerning the prmises. To have and to hold this sd hereby granted lands and prmises to him the sd William Byrd his heyrs and Ass for ever free and cleer from all maner of encombrances whatsoever by the sd Williamson made Comitted suffered or done. And further the sd Thomas Williamson doth hereby for himself his heyrs Execrs administrs Covenant grant and agree to and with the sayd William Byrd his heyrs and Ass, That the sd Tract of Land an apurtenances shall and may from henceforth for ever by him or them or any of them be peaceably and quietly held, holden possessed occupyed and enjoyed and the rents proffitts or issues therof be received to and for his or their own perticular use and behoof without the lett suit trouble claime hinderance interuption, entry, evixtion or ejection of him the sayd Thomas Williamson his heyrs Exers admrs or any other person or persons whatsoever clayming from by or under him them or any of them or for or by reason of any act or acts thing or things which shall hereafter by the sd Thomas Williamson be procured permitted or executed: And that he will at any time hereafter make such further or other assurance for the strengthening or more sure makeing of the premisses as by the sd William Byrd his heyrs