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Charles City County Order Book, 1694-1700, image 45

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220 [in right margin] Calaghams Will.

In the name of God Amen the last will and Testamt of Morris Calagham of Burly in the County of Charles Citty County aged thirty four years or ther abouts being sick in body but of perfect sence of Memory thanks be to God for it. and I doe hereby revoke all former will or wills Testament or Testamts by me made and ordained. And doe constitute this to be my last will and Testament made by me or any other Imprimis. I give and bequeath my soule to allmighty God who gave it Trusting in and through the merrits of Jesus Christ to receive forgivnes of all my Sins and att the last day shall have a joyfull resurrection. And as for my body my desire is that it may be decently interrd att the discression of my Executor and my Executrix hereafter named and desire that all my debts that I doe owe in right of conscienc may be honestly payd. Item I doe give and bequeath unto my eldest son Nicholas Calagham two hundred acres of land lyeing and bounding on the West end of John Scotts land at ye Warreeks to him and his heyrs for ever 2d I doe give and bequeath unto my youngest sone lately borne not named but intending his name shall be Morris Calagham one hundred acres of land lying and being uppon the line of Thomas Smith at a place comonly called the Otterdams to him and his heyrs for ever. 3ly. And for the rest of my Temporall estate that god hath bestowed uppon me far beyond my deserts my Will is that it may be equally divided between my wife and children. And if it should please Allmighty God to remove any of them out of this World before they come of age or Married then what part or parts shall be equally divided amongst the rest and after they or either of them doe come to age to have their part in kinde. 4ly. I do declare my loveing wife [Elizabeth crossed through] Sarah Calagham to be my Executrix snd my loving friend Thomas Chapell of the parish of county & County above written to be my Executor along with my Executrix above menconed and to see the intent and meaning of this my Will performd according to Contents as Witnes my hand this 10 day of August 1694. An article forgott 5ly my desire is that Thomas Chapell my Executor hath full power with my wife to make agreemt with Benjamin Forster for performance of such Articles as they may agree as to the binding of my son Nicholas Calagham for the full time as they shall think fitt till he is seaventeen or eighteen years of age and not longer. Morris Calagham [seal] seale. Signum Sealed & dd in pnce of us John Boltin, Thomas Anderson. Proved in Court the 8th day of Novemb 1694 by the Oath of John Boltin. Test James Minge Recorded by Order of Court. P James Minge Cl Cur.

[in right margin] Bretts Will.

In the name of God gracious and mercyfull I Nicholas Brett of Bristoll parish Charles Citty County being sound in minde and memory but weak in body doe make constitute and ordain this my last Will and Testamt revokeing all others if any such shall be. First I recomend my body to the earth whence I was formd and my soule to God my Creator Next I bequeath unto William Tally the son of Henry Tally the young hors that runs with the Mare. 2ly I bequeath unto Hanah my Mare and bed and bedclothes she not to dispose of her but to to have the yons of her when