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Charles City County Order Book, 1694-1700, image 68

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two breeding sowes each of them which amount to six sowes the rest of the estate is as foll. Ten sheep and a poor lamb 1000/ one Mare and a Colt 1100/ a young Mare 550 - 2650 A cart and wheels 400/ an old spitt 20/ an great iron pott 4t ptr. 176/ a smale one 40/ an iron 14 ladle 0650 five iron wedges 100, a hand saw rest and file 40/ a pr wool cards 20/ a chest 100/ spoones 30, Lumber 50 0340 Bed, blankettt, Rug & bedsted 350/ a gunn without a lock 100/ 16 old pewter 96/ a frying pan 30/ 2 tin pans 6 582 [subtotal] 4222 Debts due 1159 [total] 3063 John Lanier and Thomas Anderson Aprizers. sworne before Mr Richard Bland. Exhibited in Court by the Exex. and Recorded by Oredr of the Justices. August 5 1695 Test James Minge Cl Cur.

[circled in left margin] Locus Sigili Coloniæ Virgæ.

Sr Edmund Andros Knt. their Majties Lt & Govern General of Virga to James Bisse Gent. Greeting. Wheras the sending upp Probats & Admrs. from the respective County Courts to be sign'd by the Governr hath been represented a great inconveniens by reason of the distance of places &c therfore for the greater ease of the inhabitans and to preven delays I doe by and with the advice of their Maties Councell of State for this Colony hereby constitute appoynt and authorize you the sd James Bisse for me and in my Stead from time to time to signe and seal all such Probats and Administracons as shall be passed in Charles Citty County Court. which being soe Signed and Seald by you to be effectuall to all intents and purposses as if passed by my self, of which due return to be made to the Secretarys Office from time to time according to Law and practis. Given under my hand and the Seal of the Colony this eleventh day of May 1695 in the seaventh year of their Maties. reigne E Andros Ralph Wormeley Secrty. Exhibited in Court and Recorded Aug: 5: 1695

This Indenture made the first day of June 1695 between Joshua Meacham of Charles Citty County and pish of Wynoke plant of the one party & Mr John Hardiman of the County afforsd and pish of Westover mercht of the other party Wittnesseth That the sd Joshua Meacham for and in consideracon of eighteen pounds sterl in hand pd and dellivered by the sd Mr John Hardiman before the sealing hereof wherof the sd Joshua Meacham holdeth himself fully satisfied contented and pd hath given granted bargained aliend enfeoffed assigned and sold unto him the sd Mr John Hardiman his heires & Ass. for ever one parcell or tract of Land cont. one hundred and fifty acres more or less scittuate lieing and being on ye North side of the Blackwater Swamp and bounded as foll. Begining at Mr Wallac his Corner tree being a white Oke: And soe all the land the sd Meacham holds between Mr Wallace line and the land sold by the sd Meacham to Thomas Harrison which sd pcell of Land