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Needlework Guild of America Minutes (Portsmouth, Virginia) page 27

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The Needlework Guild of America Minute Sheet All directors were asked to secure a money member in addition to their garment members. The members present at this meeting were the following: Mrs McAlpine, Mrs. Schmick, Mrs. Kennedy, Mrs. Hutchins, Mrs. Triplett, Mrs. Hood, Mrs. Collins, Mrs. French, Mrs. Jack, Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Jewett, Mrs. Beaton, Miss Neely and Miss Watts. As there was no other business the meeting adjourned. The following is a report of the collection and distribution of articles for 1925: - Total number garments collected: - 1512 " " " " by colored section 190 Grand Total 1702 Distributions as follows: - Associated Charities 26 Board of Health 181 City Mission Board 189 Colored Old Folks Home 12 Christ Child Society 50 Home for Aged 126 King Daughter's Hospital 315 Miller Day Nursery 92 Portsmouth Orphanage 118 Salvation Army 129 Reserve 274 [Total] 1512 Colored Distributions: - Miller Day Nursery 78 Tuberculosis Patients 50 Colored Old Folks Home 62 [Total] 190 [Mercedes M. Beaton, Secretary