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Needlework Guild of America Minutes (Portsmouth, Virginia) page 134

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THE NEEDLEWORK GUILD OF AMERICA Minute Sheet Mrs. J. E. Adams was appointed to take care of publicity for the Ingathering. There being no further business the meeting was adjourned. Frances A. Dyson Secretary Report of Ingathering May 14, 1864 Received No. Articles (2) Emmanuel Episcopal Women 137 (3) Mrs. Edgar A Brown Sr ($29.50) 9 (4) St. Johns Episcopal Church Women 121 (5) Mrs. O Emmerson Smith 259 (6) Poets Womans Club 112 (7) Craddock Woman's Club 217 (8) Evening Dept Womans Club, Ports. 128 (9) Ports. General Hops. 247 (10) Jane Boyd Neely Memorial 152 (11) Coke Memorial 242 (12) Ester Adamson Memorial (Court St.) 157 1781

Distributed Portsmouth General 730 Colored Old Folk Home 125 Red Cross 65 Miller Day 65 Child Care Center 65 1050