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Annual Report of the Attorney-General of the State of Virginia for the Year 1878-79

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ATTORNEY-GENERAL. 5 eleven in number, except the one against Judge Fitzhugh, which he thought stood upon a different footing. In the trial and argument of the case of Governor Smith, I had the valuable assistance of Major Robert Stiles of the Richmond bar. Gilbrough & Co. vs. Norfolk and Petersburg Railroad Company. As to this case see by report of November 20th, 1878. IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE UNITED STATES FOR THE WESTERN DISTRICT OF VIRGINIA. Commonwealth vs. Lee and Burwell Reynolds. These cases have been removed by order of Judge Rives from the State to the Federal court, and if the removal is sustained by the Supreme Court of the United States, the trial will take place in the said Circuit Court. IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE UNITED STATES FOR THE WESTERN DISTRICT OF VIRGINIA. There have been a number of county judges of the State indicted, and the trials are awaiting the decision of the Supreme Court in Judge Cole's case. IN THE SUPREME COURT OF APPEALS OF VIRGINIA. Willis vs. Commonwealth. Hey vs. same. Wright vs. same. Poindexter vs. same. Baccigalupo vs. same. All are appeals from judgments in criminal prosecutions. They will be disposed of during the present session of the court. Commonwealth vs. Johnson. Is an appeal from the Circuit Court of Richmond city. See my last report for the question involved in this case. The case will be heard in January. Goddin vs. Cross. This is an action of ejectment to recover from the State the lot near the penitentiary known as the "spring lot." The appeal is from the judgment of the Circuit Court of the City of Richmond. The case will be argued in January. IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE CITY OF RICHMOND. Minor, trustee, vs. W. G. Carr, &c. In this case I collected and paid into the treasury $2,018.56. Some further collection will be made. Speller vs. J. R. and K. Co. As to this case, see my last report. No change has occurred. Kelly vs. Board of Public Works. This suit is to recover of the State the sum of $10,000. It will be disposed of this winter.