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Halifax County report on building a bridge at Boston.

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The canvassing appointed by an order of court hereto appended, have performed the duties required of them and make the following report. They examined the river with its banks some distance above and below the Boston Station in the Danville Rail road. Three sites for a bridge received the attention of the undersigned. First one about a half a mile above the Ferry at Boston opposite the house on the site of Old Boston. A good foundation could be here obtained for piers and abutments, and a very easy and safe approach from the South side of the river. The North bank however was lower, and to get a road to Boston that could be traveled at all stages of the river, it would be necessary to raise an embankment the whole distance, at a cost which the county would hardly be willing to encounter. At this point too the bridge would have to be nearly 500 feet long. The next point examined was very near the present ferry of Mr. Brooks. This in some accounts is the most convenient crossing place, but the [illegible] have made such inroads of late on the Southern Bank of the river, that the undersigned feared that an abutment could not be made to stand without great cost. The next point examined is just below the Boston depot. This is the whole appears to the undersigned the most eligible for the location of the contemplated bridge. It gives the easiest approach to the Rail Road , and [gully?] of a shorter and [illegible] bridge than any other point which fell under the observation of the undersigned. On the South side, it will be approached by a road which can be made on the line between Miss McPhail & Brooks, and will allow of a shorter road, and one more convenient to those through whose line it passes than the present one. With regard to the Southern bank, the undersigned