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walls of the mansion are likewise of stuccoed brick that was made on the place. Rather to say three walls - the back of Berry Hill is not stuccoed. The fully developed entablature carries around the four sides; why the back was left bare has never been known. Yet because of this it is possible to see the brickwork of the original 1770 house, of which the entire back wall is thought to be a part.

Granite for the floor and steps of the seventy foot wide portico and for the window sills came from the plantation quarry; while that which frames the doorway is of a much finer quality and was imported from Georgia.

Erected by slave labor at a cost of nearly $100,000, the mansion contains seventeen rooms and a great entrance hall, the latter dominated by a breathtakingly beautiful mahagony "horseshoe" staircase, acclaimed by the late Dr. Fiske Kimball as one of the finest stairs in this country. Two separate flights rise along the side walls to a landing at the back of the hall, where they join and sweep upward over the hall to