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you must be very carefull to hinder and you are likewise to Permitt her Maie's Subjects to bring from the Spanish Dominions in America, any merchandize, or Goods of those Parts, and the Dutch haveing Promised to Enjoyn their Privateers in those parts not to disturb her Maie’s Subjects in this Trade you must in like manner require all the Privateers under your Jurisdiction not to molest any of the Dutch in their Trade, to & from the Spanish Dominions Except only in case of their carrying stores & ammunition of war, But as the reasons induceing her Majesty & the States Generall to this Resolution are peculiar to the Spanish Trade & respect only the Spanish Nation, her Maie would have you take as much care as is possible that the French may receive no Benefitt by this Indulgence.

[in pencil] 2