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Virginia, Jefferson County. 31st December 1859.

I, Joseph L Eichelberger, a citizen of the County of Jefferson, in the State of Virginia, do hereby certify that Ary, the servant woman of John H Allstadt, was well known to me; I being a neighbor to him, and that I believe her value to have been, at the time of her death, at the least Six Hundred Dollars, in the common market, and if exposed to public sale without reserve of bidders, she would have sold for a much larger price.

She was, to the best of my knowledge and belief, a healthy and sound woman, prior to the attack on her Master, Jno H. Allstadt, and the carrying away of him and his slaves, on the night of the 16th October last. The most of these slaves, including Ben, were her own children, hence the disastrous effect on her nervous system, of which I have no doubt she deceased. Jos L, Eichelberger