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I, Joseph L Russell, a citizen of the County of Jefferson, hereby certify that I have known, Ary, the negro slave of John H. Allstadt named in the foregoing statement of Mr. Eichelberger who died a few days after returning from the jail, where her son Ben died, to the home of her master, for twenty five years, and that her health was always good. I have no hesitation in ascribing her death to the extreme fright and consequent debility resulting from the capture of her children, taken from their beds on their master's plantation on the night of the 16th October 1859.

One of whom, Ben, died in prison, upon an informal committal, without allegation of crime, and on whom she attended during his sickness in jail, and when dead, she returned to her Master, and sickened and died in about Ten days thereafter. Jos L Russell