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"KIN TO OLD NED SIZEMORE" This will be a brief mention of some of the relatives of "Old Ned Sizemore." The study has been conducted from the records of the United States Court of Claims, which met from 1906 to 1909. "On May 18, 1905, the U.S. Court of Claims decided in favor of the Eastern Cherokees in suits brought as the resuly [result] of grievances arising from treaty violations. Congress appropriated a million dollars for compensation and the task of determining the eligibility of those to receive a share of the funds to those persons alive on May 28, 1906, who could establish that they were a member of the Cherokee Nation at the time of the treaties or were descended from such persons who were members. About 45 thousand applications were received, representing claims by approximately 90 thousand persons. Many of the applications were rejected due to insufficient information or questions about whether they actually resided in the Cherokee Nation in 1835. The final roll has become known as the Miller Roll, which was approved by the court on March 15, 1910; entitling 30,820 persons to a share of the fund. Of the total; 27, 384 resided west of the Mississippi and 3,436 east of the Mississippi." *1 Among the people whose claims were reject- ed because they were not able to establish fact of descent from a person who was a party to the treaty of 1835-6 and 1846, were about 2,000 Sizemore Claimants, rep- 1