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53 July Court 1750

In the action of Trespass upon the Case between Thomas Lacy Jnr plt & William Fitzhugh Esqr & Francis Thornton Gent acting Exrs of the Last Will &c of Gibson Berryman decd defts on the Defts motion a Spcl. imparl. is granted them till the next Court.

In the suit on petition between John Payton Gent plt & James Fernsly Deft Judgment is granted the plt for 189 lb of Tobo by note of hand & Costs

In the suit on petition between Owen Winkfield plt & Charles Jones Deft is Dismist

The Suit on petn [petition] between Andrew Johnson plt & John Stacy Deft is Dismist

In the suit on petition between John Raley plt & William Davis Deft Judgment is granted the plt for three pounds seven shillings & six pence by account & Costs Ordered that John Raily pay Philip Sheridan forty nine pounds of Tobo for one days attendance and as an Evidence for him against Davis & for coming and returning Eight miles once.

In the action of trespass between Robert Massy Gent plt & [Jolob?] Johnson Deft. for one hundred pounds Sterling damage by means of the Deft breaking & entering the close of the plt in the parish of St Pauls in this County as is set forth in the Decleration [sic] It's ordered that the surveyor of this County go upon the Lands in Controversy on the second Wednesday in August next if fair, if not the next fair day & survey & lay out the Lands as either party would have it having regard to all patents and evidences as shall be produced by either of the parties & report all matters of fact specially to the next Court and the sheriff to attend the Survey & to remove force if any offered & the surveyor is to return three fair platts & reports to the clerks office in due time before the day of hearing.

Then the Court adjourned till tomorrow morning 9 Oclock R Foote True Transcript Test N Peyton Ct Cur

At a court continued & held for Stafford County July 11th 1750 present { Philip Alexander, Richard Foote John Payton & Gerrard Fowke } Gentlemen

In the suit on petition between Thomas Rose plt & Nath Gray Deft