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64 July Court 1750

In the suit on petition between Richard Bernard Gent plt & Mason French and Margaret his wife admrs of all Singular the Goods and Chattels rights and Credits of Thomas Lacy decd Defts Judgment is granted the plt for Six hundred and Seventy Seven pounds of Tobacco and Costs of the Goods and Chattels of the Said Intestate which hereafter shall come to the hands and possession of the said Defts to be administered to be Levied.

The Suit on petition between Gustavus Brown Esqr plt and Charles Harding Deft is continued at the plts. Costs.

In the action of Debt between Michael Wallace plt & John Pilcher Deft The Deft not appearing the Judgment against him and James Hansbrough his Security is confirmed to the plt for Eleven pounds Eleven Shillings and sixpence. Its therefore considered by the Court that the plt recover the same of the said Deft and the said James his Costs by him in this behalf expended But this Judgment is to be discharged by (the Costs excepted) on payment of five pounds fifteen Shillings and nine pence with Interest thereon from the 6th day of April One thousand Seven hundred and forty Seven till the same is paid.

The action of Trespass upon the Case between William Stuart Clerk Exer &c of David Stuart clk decd plt and Nathaniel Harrison Esqr Deft is Continued.

The action of Trespass upon the Case between William Stuart Clerk Exr &c of David Stuart clk decd plt and the Honble Thomas Lee Esqr Charles Carter John Taylor Nathaniel Harrison & Philip Lee Esqr. Exors &c of William Walker Gent decd Defts. On the Defts motion a further Imparlance is granted them till the next Court.

The Suit on the attachment obtained by Anthony Strother against James Hughs is Dismist the said Hughs paying costs.